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  • Eye TV

Le logiciel pour regarder la TV sur mac Eye TV au prix de 79 Euros

liste du materiel compatible

Eye TV un test approfondi


Un logiciel pour compresser les video pour l'ipod / PSP

  • Moviegate

Le logiciel pour creer des DVD video (partie authoring pas gravure)

  • Flip4mac

un codec wmv

voila comment faire pour l'installer sur un mac intel :

Just wanted to let you know how to actually get Flip4Mac to run on Intel Macs. Before running the installer, you'll want to change "" which is located in your Applications>Utilities folder to run in Rosetta. You can do so by getting info on the applications icon (in the Finder, of course) and choosing File: Get Info, and checking the box that says: "Open using Rosetta" under the General info section. The Flip4Mac installer will run, now that it's allowed to run in Rosetta.